Body Shop

Inokom Body Shop produces quality products which meets high global automotive standards contributed by its semi-automatic lines coupled by skilled and highly dedicated workers.

Paint Shop

One of the prides in Inokom’s plant is the installation and operation of the Northern region’s first robot spray painting booth. The heavy investment is well worth the effort as every vehicle that comes out of the state-of-the-art spray paint booth is of excellent and consistent finish. The Malaysian automotive industry has also benefited from this high technology from an alternate source – South Korea.

Trim Shop

Each unit of vehicle is done in strict accordance with the industrial standards by well trained and dedicated staff of Inokom. The combination of specialized mechanical equipment and manual work contribute to a perfect finish each time.

Logistic and Supply Chain

Inokom has the advantage of being strategically located in close vicinity to the airport, seaport and Northern Transportation Hub. With assistance from our strategic partners, Inokom’s material management system is on par with the world’s leading motor assembly plants. Equipped with state of the art facilities and system, Inokom is ready to take on future challenges.

Pre Delivery

Nothing sores the eye more than to notice blemishes and other minor defects that customers may not notice. We at Inokom make sure that nothing less than perfect leaves the plant. When machines fail to detect minor faults, our quality inspectors at the Pre-Delivery Inspection sector would not.
No effort is spared nor compromised when it comes to Pre-Delivery Inspection

Vendor Park

The Inokom Vendor Park which has a land bank of approximately 7 acres is located next to Inokom’s manufacturing facility. It is aimed to house Inokom’s key vendors to provide seamless supply and production support to maintain our product quality towards our principals given the geographical advantage of located within Inokom’s vicinity.

The Inokom Vendors Park is a catalyst to Inokom’s aspiration and commitment to support local vendors especially to encourage time and cost efficiency for example significantly reducing transportation cost as well as reducing supplier lead time for local parts whereby child parts are brought in directly via the Penang Port. Coupled with Just In Time (JIT) practices, the Inokom Vendors Park also reduces the need for storage at the Inokom manufacturing plant.

Inokom is in discussions with the interested parties in the hope that the entire Inokom Vendors Park landbank can be expanded and utilized in the near future.

Our Business Partner

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