On the last 3rd & 4th April 2019, a total number of 18 internal teams have participated in the qualifying round of INOKOM Team Excellence Convention FY18/19. Out of the 18 teams, 10 teams have made it to the final round which has been successfully organized recently on 24th April 2019 at the Inokom Auditorium. During the final round, the competition has been judged by specially invited judges from the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC); Encik Khairil Anuar Amir Hamzah and Puan Kasturi Devi Apanna.

The objectives of the Team Excellence Convention are to share innovative and creative solutions implemented by the participating teams through TE activities and to promote the growth and development of TE activities to become as one of the workplace’s best practices in INOKOM.

Encik Mohd Rizal Jailan, the Managing Director of INOKOM during his opening speech has expressed his recognition on the TE team achievements in external conventions at the Northern Region, National and International levels. From the 18 TE projects presented during this year’s competition, they have contributed to a total cost saving of RM706,580.31 as validated by the Finance and Business Development & Control (BDC) departments; the saving which is financially significant to the company.

The INOKOM’s Managing Director has also commented “good job” and thanked all the TE Organizing Committee Members for their best efforts in ensuring the smooth run and successfulness of this year’ s convention.

The results of TE Convention FY18/19’s final round…

~ Article by: Nooraishah Akashah (QMS)