Inokom Sport Complex Ground Breaking Ceremony

Inokom Sport Complex Ground Breaking Ceremony

On the 20th March 2013, Inokom has embarked on another initiative to further instill healthy working culture among its employees under one roof with the construction of Multi Purpose Sport Complex. The Ground Breaking Ceremony officiated by Mr. Dennis Ho, Managing Director, Malaysia Region witnessed by En. Mohd Rizal Bin Jailan, Managing Director of Inokom Corporation Sdn. Bhd. and En. Anuar Bin Husain, President of Kesatuan Pekerja Inokom Corporation Sdn. Bhd. with the attendance of Inokom Head of Divisions, Head of Departments and Union Excos.

The main objectives of building this Multi Purpose Sport Complex are to create mode condusive area and sport facilities for Inokom employees to exercise and encourage more staff to indulge a healthy past time. It will also provide a recreational and rest area for staff to get together after the working hours.

The Phase 1 of Multi Purpose Sport Complex started construction on 21st March 2013 and expected to complete by 06th May 2013 with its land area measured at 2,730 sq mtr shall have 1,900 sq mtr built up double-storey building. The Phase 1 Multi Purpose Sport Complex costing at RM450,000 would have 2 units of Sepaktakraw courts, 1 each of Volleyball and Futsal court, and shall be equipped with a gymnasium, toilets, changing room and rest area.

Several months down the road, the Phase 2 Multi Purpose Sport Complex shall be built to add more recreational center for Snooker/ Pool tables, Table Tennis, Dart and a covered roof for all the courts (Sepaktakraw/ Badminton, Volleyball and Futsal).

We hope that maintaining a healthy lifestyle could lead to a healthy work culture in Inokom.

Written by: Ahmad Fuad Mohamad-Project/ Mansor Sirun – Corporate Affairs & Communications