Inokom Managing Director Shared Valuable Insights Together With Inokom Executives

13-May-2014: Inokom Managing Director, En. Mohd Rizal Jailan, has shared his valuable insights on Inokom Business Strategy: Moving Forward with all 110 Inokom executives during a day workshop at Cinta Sayang Golf Resort, Sungai Petani, Kedah.

En. Mohd Rizal Jailan, stressed on the fact that Inokom playing field has totally changed since Inokom’s inception in 1997. Despite Inokom’s successful stories of 25,000 units assembled per year recorded in 2003, the current challenges and threats lie ahead are totally different ball game that require different approach and strategy.

In order to move on, everybody has to be realigned on the important parameters and understanding of Inokom’s business objectives:-

  • What is Inokom Core Business?
  • Where Inokom Want To Go?
  • How Inokom To Achieve Its Objectives?

Going back to basic, all executives are being briefed by En. Amir Azlan Ambiah, Head of Finance Operations on the importance of Cost Management and Its Impact on Inokom Financial Positions. By the end of this session, everyone has fully understood one’s roles and responsibilities and its impact on Inokom’s books.

Before the end of the workshop session, all participants were grouped into 5 major divisions. They had actively participated and contributed to the moving forward agenda for Inokom. At the end, all rejuvenated and highly motivated executives are looking forward to applying the most valuable lesson learnt during this one-day workshop during their daily routine in Inokom with more diligence and cost-conscience.

Inokom Mgmt Workshop