Inokom Gotong-Royong Perdana 2012

Inokom Gotong-Royong Perdana 2012

On the 29th October 2012, Inokom QE (5S) Working Committee organized the Gotong – Royong Perdana 2012. (spring-cleaning program by volunteers) The event was officiated by En. Mohd Rizal Bin Jailan, Inokom Managing Director in patron of all Inokom employees as well as the business associates residing in the Inokom plant.

The objectives of the Gotong – Royong Perdana was to cultivate cleanliness and safety habit among employees and to promote healthy lifestyle and a safe and cheerful workplace. Such activities also encourages employees involvement that can foster better collaboration and partnership between workers.

The cleaning and sorting activity covered whole plant wide areas segregated into 6 areas which were ;Office, Production, Store, Scrap Yard, Outdoor/Test Track, Parking Lot

Our QE (5S) Committee and Sub Committee Member would like to thank all participants for their involvement in the Gotong – Royong Perdana 2012. We hope that the initiative will create a lasting impact in maintaining QE (5S) Implementation with 3S – SEIRI > SEITON > SEISO by practising a daily five minutes QE (5S) activity prior departing workplace.

Written by: Asiati Raili Arifin – Quality Assurance