As one of the initiatives under the Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) in education, INOKOM has successfully launched the “INOKOM Education Program 2016” on 23rd April 2016. For this second consecutive year of organization, a total of 18 children of INOKOM’s staff from various divisions and departments have registered to participate in the tuition program for the academic subjects of English and Mathematics from 30th April 2016 until 27th August 2016.

With the earnest objective to assist the children in preparation for the Ujian Peperiksaan Sekolah Rendah (“UPSR”), INOKOM has engaged with experienced teachers to help in the learning process of mastering both the core subjects.

Celebrating Success: UPSR 2016

With the announcement of the UPSR 2016 result, the ceremony of Celebrating Success: UPSR 2016 has been held on 21st December 2016 at INOKOM. The ceremony in the evening has brought together parents and their children to mark the hard work and dedication in making the program a success.

Almost 100% of the children who have joined the “INOKOM Education Program – Tuition For UPSR 2016“ have passed the UPSR examination with flying colours. For a record, the number of children getting “A” Grade in English and Mathematics has increased impressively. Everyone involved in the program has been thrilled with the results which everyone has worked towards since the “INOKOM Education Program“ was established.

Congratulations to the children and their parents!