Inokom Assembled 25,000 units of BMWs At Inokom Assembly Plant

12-Feb-2014: Inokom has passed the mark with the assembly of 25,000 units BMWs at Inokom Assembly Plant, Kulim. The simple event kicked off with the emcee welcomes all attendees. Then, Mr. Markus Ernst, BMW AG Representative delivered his speech, in which he emphasized on the overall production figures at plant Kulim since 2008 and mentioned that this achievement is the result of an excellent management team and an extremely high motivated and dedicated assembly team. Furthermore, on behalf of BMW, he congratulates and thanks everybody for their outstanding performance. In addition, based on his personal observation during the last 7 month of his tenure at Inokom, he believes that the BMW Inokom production is very stable, reliable and posses the ability to cope with difficulties or interruptions.

By the same token, En. Mohd Rizal Jailan, Inokom Managing Director, later on, reaffirmed the audience of the positive growth of BMW operations in his appreciation speech.

To mark the celebration, En. Mohd Rizal Jailan, accompanied by Mr. Markus Ernst and Mr Sui Keng Huat, Head of BMW Operations, cut the cake to officiate the 25,000th units of BMW models assembled at Inokom Assembly Plant.

At the end of the event, all proud operators and Inokom Management Team posed together to capture this memorable event.

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